Community Connections

Li-Ve Tasmania

Li-Ve Tasmania currently have three main community access programs:

The Cottage: located at New Norfolk
The Zone: located at Oakdale Lodge, Warrane
The Lodge Day Options: located at Oakdale Lodge, Warrane.
The Cottage program caters for community access options for older persons with a disability, whilst the The Lodge Day Options is a social and leisure program located at Oakdale Lodge. The Zone is an innovative program for college leavers and young adults living with disability.

Li-Ve Tasmania models all its supports and programs on individual choice, control and flexibility and Community Access is no different.

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The Community Connections program of Possability provides exciting opportunities to participate in a wide range of social activities, physical exercise and community-based activities. Whatever your individual interests, we are dedicated to making it happen.

Possability assists clients to identify activities in the community that match their interests and then support them to access these activities. This helps reduce social isolation and promotes the development of independent social networks. This style of support can include community-based Day Service programs tailored to the individual.

Community Connections also assists clients to undertake daily tasks in the community, such as shopping, banking and attending medical appointments. It often includes learning to travel independently using public transport.
Where is it available?
We offer Community Connections across Tasmania. Services can be offered in rural areas, in addition to metropolitan and regional centres.

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Sometimes you might need a little more support to get out and about. Nexus helps you identify the type of activities you want to do and then we help you make it happen. Nexus has the staff to support regular outings like shopping or attending college through to one-off events like rock concerts or interstate travel.

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The Parkside Foundation

The Parkside Foundation provides assistance to live and actively connect with your community, to exercise independence and control over your own life.
This may include:
Care co-ordination – improving life choices
Social and community support
Assistance with daily living skills
Individual planning
Tenancy assistance
Budgeting, literacy, numeracy

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