Plan Management

Your plan can be managed in different ways.

You can self manage your plan, you can ask the National Disability Insurance Agency to manage your plan or you can ask for a Coordinator of Support.

If you self manage your plan, an organisation like Access2Choice or CarerSolutions can help with the paperwork (but you can do that yourself as well). You can also chose to self manage only a part of your plan and another  support is managed by a NDIA planner or Coordinator of Support.

The NDIA planner manages your plan on your behalf and is directed by you.

A Coordinator of Support works closely with you to find the right services and support for you.

Talk to your Local Area Coordinator what is best for you during your planning meeting or plan review.

For more information about self managing: Self managing plan module or Managing your NDIS funding


Access2Choice provides a platform for participants, their family or guardian to directly engage services of their own support workers as required to meet specific needs, without the burden of direct legal and administrative duties.

We encourage participants, their family or guardian to work with their support workers and identify the training and scheduling required to meet their specific needs.

On behalf of the participant, their family or guardian, Access2Choice Tasmania assumes the legal responsibility of support worker employment. Our responsibilities include payment of wages, taxation liabilities, superannuation guarantee contribution, worker’s compensation and insurances.

We work with participants, monitor funding arrangements and work with the funding provider to ensure the correct services are allocated to meet the needs of the participant.

We can connect you with the right case managers or facilitators for your requirements.

We give you peace of mind by verifying and meeting the legal requirements of employing a support worker.

If you require support, have a specific support worker you wish to use and have a funding source for that care, Access2Choice Tasmania can help you.

Call: 0406 257 025 or 0400 976 594


Anglicare’s strong track record and extensive community networks in Tasmania mean we can work with you to get the most out of your NDIS plan. Our professional and experienced staff will work with you to get the best possible NDIS plan for you. Our staff can assist you to choose the providers that will best meet your needs. We can support you by:

  • Providing information, advice and support to assist you to get the best of your NDIS plan
  • Assisting you to choose and organise the supports you need, and are the best for you in your local area
  • Supporting you to build confidence in talking to service providers
  • Checking in with you to make sure the services supporting you are right for you
  • Assisting you to build skills to manage your NDIS plan yourself

More information: click here

In2Change Consultancy

In2Change is registered through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to provide Coordination of Support – Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community. They will:

  • Meet with you to identify your goals relevant to your coordination of supports and NDIS Plan and build a service agreement
  • Assist you to understand your current NDIA plan and other relevant stakeholders and service providers
  • Identify the services that could meet your individual needs
  • Obtain quotes for services
  • Coordinate service providers and support as required
  • Organise the manner and timing of supports, including service agreements
  • Link you into a range of support options including but not limited to; community leisure, recreational, activities or training, work, accommodation or respite options
  • Monitor your NDIS plan or re-develop your goals prior to a plan
  • Liaise with government agencies
  • Coordinate health and specialists’ services as required
  • Support you in times of a crisis if you need it
  • Check in with you on a regular basis to make sure your plan is working for you
  • Provide written reports and assist you when reviewing your NDIS plan

For more information click here or call 0499 915 424


Possability can assist in the coordination of supports by working with clients and families to coordinate the many aspects of the Participant Plan. Possability has the networks and expertise to help get support that is the right fit for you or your family member. They work at your direction so you continue to drive the plan

Contact the office in Hobart for more information: 1300 067 842


The Parkside Foundation

The Parkside Foundation will work in partnership with you so you can control your NDIS plan and can make choices about the things that are important to you.
Our team can help you to:
Connect with the supports to implement your NDIS plan by getting to know you and the things that matter most
Connect to your community through informal, mainstream and specialised supports.
Enhance your ability to overcome complex support issues or points of crisis
Build your strengths and abilities to develop your skills and confidence.

More information: click here or call 6243 6044

Independent Therapists

Madeleine Maloney is a registered Coordinator of Support. You can contact her by calling 0455 498 963 or send an email to

Carers Solutions

Our service is available to anyone in the community who requires care and, would like to employ the support worker/s of their choice.

We refer to our clients as our partners as, once you engage our service we view it as a partnership.

Our service is delivered literally to your door with those interested in using our service, able to make an appointment time with us to come and visit with you, at home, work, a coffee shop wherever is convenient really!

During this time we discuss your requirements and tailor the service to your individual needs.

For more information click here or call 1300 729 839