Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Short term accommodation is NDIS language for respite. This can be in your home (a support worker coming in your home supporting your loved one), or your loved one can go away for a few days. Most service providers will provide in home support if you ask them to. Below are the service providers who provide short accommodation away form home.


Mosaic runs a Children’s (5-18) and Adult’s (18-65) overnight centre based respite
This respite model aims to assist children, young people and adults to remain living within their home and local community by providing you with a centre-based short-term break. If you and your family are looking for a break on weekdays and/or weekends in a centre based environment this may be what you are looking for. Respite is Fun, Flexible and Family orientated.
There are two units on site. Unit 1 caters to the needs of children and young people with disabilities aged 5-18 years and Unit 2 caters to the needs of adults with disabilities aged 18-65 years.

You and your family will be involved in the planning and preparation of your stay at respite. This will mean telling us all about you and your interests and how we can plan your stay to be:

Fun, Flexible and Family orientated.

We would like your stay to be relaxing and enjoyable and offer you the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including movie and theatre nights, cooking,
fishing, football and cricket, concerts and shows, BBQ in the park, museums, zoo, markets and national parks, art projects or dining out.
By choosing to stay with us for a few nights or a weekend you will have the opportunity to meet new friends, take part in fun activities, build your independence and skills.

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Possability’s Seven Mile Beach Retreat is set in a peaceful, rural location just a 10 minute walk from beautiful Seven Mile Beach, the Retreat includes a spacious four-bedroom home and two self-contained one-bedroom units, accommodating a maximum of six residents each night.

The accommodation can be used for taking a break, flexible stays, skills development and transition to independent living.

For more information click here or call 1300 067 842