If your child goes to school, it is possible to organise therapy sessions at school as long as the school agrees. If so, request for the Teachers Aid (if you have one available for your child) to attend the therapy sessions as this way your child will get quality therapy each day! You can also ask your school to approach other schools to see if therapy sessions are organised at other schools in your region. Sharing transport costs will make your funding go so much further!

Speech Pathology Tasmania

Speech Pathology Tasmania is a private speech pathology practice offering a full range of speech pathology services for children, adolescents and adults. Speech Pathology Tasmania works closely with family, GPs, other allied health professionals, teachers and other support staff to provide a holistic approach to client care. Offices are located in central Hobart. Clinics are located in Hobart City, Margate, Richmond, Huonville and Burnie. Home visits (including Nursing Homes), school visits and childcare centre visits can also be arranged. Speech Pathology Tasmania also has a clinic at St James Catholic College and reaches out through the Valley and Channel region.

Contact the office in Hobart for more information: 6234 5717

St Giles Southern Services

St Giles Southern Services provides assesment and therapy services for children. St Giles strives to provide services that work in partnership with families. The therapists work with children and their families in different locations: the St Giles Office at Gant Street, family home and community based group homes, child care centres and schools. St Giles also reached out to the Huon and Channel region including Kingston, Cygnet and Geeveston.

Contact the office in Lenah Valley for more information: 6238 1888


Independent Kids

Independent Kids work with families to assess and address children’s sensory issues:

Concentration and attention, Fine and gross motor skills, Hand writing, Developmental skills, Problem-solving skills, Play and socialisation, Self-care

 They are seeing great results with their evidence based handwriting program. It is written in Tasmanian script and many schools are adopting it as part of their teaching. Please contact us to find out more!. We are seeing great results with our evidence based handwriting program. It is written in Tasmanian script and many schools are adopting it as part of their teaching. Please contact us to find out more!

Independent Kids reaches out to the Huon and Channel region. An OT visits St James Catholic College in Cygnet on a regular bases. Unfortunately, IK has now closed their books until next year. Plaese let us know if you know of any OT who visits the Huon and Channel area!

More information: click here or call 6234 5333

At the moment Independent Kids is not taking any new children as they are at capacity.

Connect and Relate for Autism

Has someone in your family recently received an autism diagnosis? Or have you found other therapies can’t get you any closer towards your desires for your child? Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) offers real hope and help for families and individuals who face Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental difficulties. RDI® has often been called the missing piece of the puzzle in treating ASD because we don’t try to whitewash symptoms, but go to the heart of the problem and offer solutions that will improve your family’s quality of life. Of all the things that make the RDI® model different, our focus on relationship is primary. Think about it; no matter where your child is on the spectrum, or how many skills they have developed with other therapies, the biggest hole in your family right now is likely your lack of relationship with your child. Something just isn’t right and you know it. Our number one goal is to give you the tools and training to create the relationship with your child that you have never been able to have. We do not believe that autism is a disease, nor something to be “cured”. Instead, we know that your child is just who she is meant to be and we can help you reach her full potential.

For more information go to: Connect and Relate for Autism or email Bronwyn Prazak: email or call: 0423 066 276

Independent Therapists

We are five independent therapists based in Hobart Tasmania, united in our vision, our commitment and our belief in you and your resources. Independent Therapists of Tasmania offer solution oriented therapy that is easy, effective and tailored to your concerns. Our way of working with you enables you to discover what matters to you, what is important to you, what you care about and what makes you uniquely you. Our respectful way of working makes it easy for you to explore and connect with your natural ability for creating solutions and solving problems. Practical, doable, effective solutions offer a fresh sense of easiness, strength, joy and confidence in your daily living.

As OTs are thin on the groound we would like to mention David Warein, Occupational Therapist: 0407 045 153. David is starting to see more people in Huonville, children and adults. David would like to share transport costs amongst participants to make it cheaper for everybody.

Find out who they are and go to: Therapy Tasmania or contact Madeleine Maloney, Phone 0455 498 963 or email


P.A.N.D.A. Physiotherapy has been providing therapy services to children in Tasmania since 1997. PANDA staff are committed to the provision of therapy services as part of educational plans and to working closely with teaching staff to weave sensory motor outcomes into daily activities. They provide Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

At PANDA , Physiotherapists are committed to authentic outcomes. This means that therapy is aimed at providing children with life long achievements that will leave them with improved function. This is why we strongly believe that physiotherapy provided in conjunction with education leads to better outcomes for students. Always remember that children learn by doing not by watching and in the early years movement is learning.

The main purpose of Occupational Therapy is to provide maximal independence and optimal, practical life skills for children as they transition into adult hood. Often this end point means beginning on this path when the children are in their pre school years. In the early years Occupational Therapy intervention may be working on developing play skills as this is known to promote cognitive function and better functional outcomes. In the primary school years intervention may be aimed at optimising literacy and numeracy skills that lean towards functional use of these skills, and in the high school years working towards life skills. Paediatric Occupational Therapy is a crucial part of the team when children have additional needs and must be seen to work closely with education staff to optimise outcomes for the children involved.

For more information go to: Panda Therapy or call 6278 6800