In home support

All About You

All About You is a new disabilty service provider in the Huon, operating from Geeveston.

Personal activities

All About You provides assistance with and/or supervision of personal tasks of daily life to enable the participant to live as independently as possible. High intensity assistance is available where management of challenging behaviours is necessary or where the participant has high physical support needs.

Household tasks

All About You assists participants to undertake personal domestic activities to enable them to maintain their home environment. Or they undertake essential household tasks where the participant is not able to perform basic household/yard activities and cleaning.


If you are eligible for the NDIS, our professional staff can work with you to provide support in your day-to-day life and with self-care, and household jobs. We can also work with you to assist you in building your independence. Anglicare’s services provide value for your money to assist you to make your NDIS plan go further.

We work with you to provide the supports that suit your needs. How we do this will look different for each person but may include support with:

  • Household jobs like cleaning the house or weeding the garden
  • Personal care needs such as getting out of bed, showering or other daily activities
  • Taking your medications
  • Planning and preparing meals, so you eat food you like, and that’s good for you

Anglicare is one of the few providers who support children under 12 years.


Nexus works to increase choice and flexibility in housing for people with a disability. We can provide support regardless of where you choose to live – in a family home, a share house, alone or in transitional housing. Nexus tailors our support to your needs and is happy to work with you to create innovative support arrangements.

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Our services are designed to meet individual needs ranging from personal care to learning how to do household tasks and other life skills. They include:

  • Personal care
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Daily living skills
  • Education in numeracy, literacy and financial skills.

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