The Huon Disability Network is in the process of partnering with a service provider to develop a transition to work program which will focus on employment in the community. Please send us an email for more information: admin@hdn.org.au

School Leavers Employment Support (SLES)

Are you a Year 12 student?

School Leaver Employment Support, or SLES, is a new NDIS support that may help you.

SLES is about giving you the skills and confidence to help you move from school to employment.

SLES offers you individualised support for up to 2 years after finishing year 12 to help you get ready for work and plan your pathway to employment.

SLES supports

Your SLES supports will be tailored to meet your individual employment goals. This may include:

  • Work experience in open employment
  • Job skills training
  • Travel training

SLES and Education

The NDIA works with Education to support students with disability to make a smooth transition into SLES or other employment supports.

SLES and other service systems

The NDIS will be responsible for funding supports that assist people with disability prepare for, and take part in work where the person has work capacity but needs some more support before receiving ongoing employment support through existing systems.

Employment services and programs, including both disability-targeted and open employment services, will continue to be responsible for providing advice and support to:

  • People with disability to prepare for, find and maintain jobs;
  • Encourage employers to hire and be inclusive of people with disability in the workplace (e.g. support, training and resources, funding assistance to help employers make reasonable adjustments, and incentives for hiring people with disability , such as wage subsidies).

For more information on SLES go to: NDIS website  click here


Any person over the age of 15 and up to 65 years of age can utilise Disability Employment Services if they:

  • Have a diagnosed disability, illness, injury or barrier to work
  • Live in our service areas
  • Meet eligibility criteria as set by Centrelink which may include an employment services assessment and a job capacity assessment
  • Are in receipt of a Disability Support Pension
  • Are able to work in open employment with some support
  • Are not currently working more than eight hours per week in open employment

APM has an office in Huonville in the Arcade on the Main Street.

Call 1300 366 047 or send an email to:


Or visit their website: apm.net.au

All About You

All About You provides on-the-job training including support related to the participant’s disability that enables them to adjust and adapt to the workplace environment, and to assist employers to successfully manage the participant’s employment.

http://www.allaboutyou.org.au or call Tanya Hickingbotham 0475 459 014

MAX Employment

At MAX Employment they believe everyone can work when placed in the right job with the right support. With the belief that a job can change a person’s life; they empower job seekers, connect them to support, opportunities and sustainable employment. They work closely with employers and community partners to provide job seekers with a strong foundation for success.

As a Disability Employment Services provider, MAX Employment uses a multifaceted approach to help people with disability, injury or health conditions find and maintain sustainable employment. MAX Employment focusses on:


You will work with an Employment Consultant and a MAX Solutions Allied Health Professional to determine a vocational goal. We also link you to community organisations that may be able to provide support. As well as engaging at a site level, you are encouraged to participated in our annual Consultative Committee as well as keep up to date through our quarterly ‘MAXLink’ newsletter.


Our specialised Employment Consultants together with our team of Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors, Exercise Physiologists and Occupational Therapists work with you to identify strengths, abilities and vocational goals and develop a rehabilitation plan.


You can receive tailored health and employment interventions to address any vocational barriers. In some instances, access to training courses will be provided to further enhance employment opportunities.


Our vision of “finding jobs, changing lives” ensures that we work closely with you to help identify and reach your full potential, as well as connect you to relevant employment opportunities.

Post Placement Support

Nothing makes us happier than helping you find work, but our involvement doesn’t stop there. We ensure that you are able sustain employment and maintain good health.

MAX Assist

We understand that starting a new job can be difficult, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the MAX Assist iPhone App, you can leave us a message about anything you’re struggling with or get in touch in an emergency.

For more information see their website:    https://www.maxsolutions.com.au/employment-services or call 1800 206 346

Email: info@maxsolutions.com.au or for SLES in Southern Tasmania: matthew.dent@maxemployment.com.au


Maxima is a recruitment, training and employment provider. Under the government funded DES program, Maxima is building diverse work forces in our communities to break down myths and barriers people living with a disability are facing in gaining and keeping employment.

Finding the right job often means Maxima’s employment consultants will approach employers who have not previously thought about hiring someone with a disability, injury or health condition. But many of our happiest success stories — for the jobseeker and the employer — come from opening doors that were otherwise closed.

Going these extra steps is second nature for our hard-working and supportive employment consultants. Many of them have backgrounds in nursing or psychology and have been at Maxima for many years helping jobseekers with disability, injury and health conditions.

The DES program is open to nearly all people with a disability, injury or health condition. You do not have to be receiving a Disability Pension or other Centrelink benefits to be eligible. Please get in touch to find out more about eligibility and discover how friendly and helpful Maxima can be.

Maxima have an office located at 1/11 Main Road Huonville.

For more information, call Tania Wilton: 0438 196 249 or send her an email: tania.wilton@maxima.com.au

Maxima Disability Employment Service Huonville


OAK-Possability Tasmania is a southern Tasmanian disability service provider that currently operates in the Huon as well as Hobart, Clarence and Glenorchy. Their services are innovative, creative, and focused on the individual needs of each person. They support the ability of each person to connect with their local community and to maintain a strong link with their families. OAK-Possability operates a number of social enterprises that are provided with some funding as Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) by the Department of Social Services. Social enterprises operated by OAK-Possability include: Oakdale Industries at Warrane (manufactures a range of timber products including timber flooring) and  Mailhouse Tasmania and Oak Sewing (bulk postage and collation; sewing of a variety of products). Enquiries can be made in the first instance by email on info@oak.org.au

More information on the web site: www.oak.org.au

WISE Employment

If you have been out of work for a day, months or years, we can help. We get to know you so we can carefully tailor our services to your specific training, health and living needs. We empower you with the skills and confidence to get and keep meaningful work. WISE Employment helps employers to find the right staff and job seekers to find meaningful work with the Disability Employment Services and Job Active employment programs.

WISE Employment operates from HUON-Linc on a fortnightly bases.

Call 1800 685 105      https://wiseemployment.com.au/offices/huonville/                      

Or visit their website: www.wiseemployment.com.au

Youth Entrepreneurial Services (YES)

YES is an initiative of Impact Communities which works with community organisations, groups, individuals and families so younf people are equipped and supported to realsie their potential and achieve their goals.

This innovative social enterprise assists young people to create, sell and market their products and services online and through pop-up stores and markets using uniquely designed retail modules.

  • YES harnesses the young person’s interests who will decide on the products and services they produce (e.g. creative arts, gifts, woodwork, photography, web design).
  • YES participants are supported to facilitate all aspects of the business such as product design and manufacturing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, quality control, financial management and administration.
  • YES has a ‘whole of community’ focus where local businesses and community members partner to achieve the outcomes; giving young people real life exposure to employers, their local communities and beyond.
  • YES participants will be between 15 and 24 years of age and will gain high quality job-seeking skills through in-house programs such as ‘Coaching Young People for Success’ and ‘Ready Set Job’. One of our key outcomes is that participants will have a clear employment pathway plan and will achieve employment, education or certified training outcomes.

YES welcomes young people with a disability. For an expression of interest go to: Impact Communities or call 6262 5400