St Giles Seating and Equipment Clinic

St Giles Seating and Equipment Clinic offers a highly specialised service, addressing the needs of both children and adults with disabilities and related medical issues who are unable to sit comfortably, safely or without risk of pain, pressure, contractures or because of poor body alignment.

St Giles’ Seating and Equipment Clinic offers:

  • Assessment and fabrication of customised seating requirements.
  • Prescription of appropriate customised equipment including manual and power wheelchairs, commodes, and other related equipment.
  • Fabrication of highly customised seating needs.
  • Pressure mapping for people at risk of, or experiencing, pressure issues or skin breakdown.
  • Maintenance services mobility and seating equipment.
  • Equipment repairs.
  • Supply of wheelchair tyres, tubes, and batteries.
  • The Clinic works collaboratively with many agencies such as Childrens Therapy Service, Spinal Clinics, Disability and Rehabilitation Services, and offer:
  • assessment of customised seating or equipment requirements
  • pressure mapping for people at risk of, or experiencing skin breakdown issues
  • regular reviews and follow-ups to maintain your seating and equipment
  • prescription of appropriate equipment including fabrication of customised items
  • modification of mobility and seating equipment such as manual and power wheelchairs, commodes, armchairs, ergonomic chairs
  • repair and maintenance service for mobility and seating equipment
  • equipment training for carers
  • supply of wheelchair tyres, tubes and batteries

Consultation by seating specialist clinician and technician is free for Disability Services eligible clients, including assessment, recommendation and quotations for equipment. There is a fee for private or compensable clients.

Call the Hobart office for more information: 6238 1888