Community Organisations

Many organisations are very welcoming to people with a disability. Some organisations have told us they would like to meet you if you are interested. You can ask a disability support service to help you make contact and make sure you are well supported to enjoy the activities on offer (see page Community Connections). Some organisations have programs specifically for people with a disability, like Equine Supported Programs. Other organisations don’t, but are keen to include you in their activities.

Examples are:

Equine Supported Programs (People experience activities with horses which are healing & supportive for their overall well-being (experiential Growth, Learning & Healing): click here

Huon LINC: Huon LINC or call 6121 7010

(also various options for people with visual impairment to access library resources, these include:
 Large print books (available at all sites)
 Audio books on CD (available at all sites)
 E-library audio books (library staff can assist people to set up this on their smart devices)
 Braille items can be borrowed from the Hobart site
 Assistive devices such as large font keyboards, magnifiers available
 Public computers all have ‘ease of access’ options such as enlarging text, magnifying, varying contrast or colour)

Kingston LINC: Kingston LINC or call 6165 6208

Kingborough Scouts: 6229 9385

Port Cygnet Scouts Group: Charlton Street in Cygnet (Burtons Reserve), 6295 0136

Cygnet Sea Dragons:

Geeveston Community House (GeCo): 9b School road in Geeveston, 6297 1616

Woodbridge Community House (West Winds): 3528 Channel Highway in Woodbridge, 6267 4713

Wayraparattee (Geeveston Child and Family Centre 0-5 yrs): 4879 Huon Highway in Geeveston, 6297 0052

Kingston Judo (also in Huonville): email Aiden on

PCYC Huonville: PCYC Huonville or call 6264 3100

Kingborough Sports Centre:Kingborough Sports Centre or call 6211 8262

Please let us know what your experiences are with community organisations by sending us an email. We would love to add more organisations on this page!